Man I need to drunk-blog more often,
I always get anons/asks and followers/friends!! It’s the best.



~~Transparent reivindication.~~

Because I’m sick of feeling like a weird animal in a ‘Monsters Show’, because this shouldn’t be so needed in a (supposed-to-be)  modern society. Because asexuality is not a mental disorder and we’re not ill. I’m bloody sick of hearing people talking shit! I respect people who have sex, they should respect me!

T-shirts here (XXXX)



I’m Ross, also known as “no” (or djh3max, you know the one, really hard to say) (x)


i just

oh my fucking god MY HEART.

we would be actual soul mates tho.


all i want in life is to hug ross.

that’s literally it.

i will die happy if this is a thing that can happen.

Fuck iceberg lettuce… It’s just crunchy water.
twirliest (Nilesy)

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the other edit :-o


happy toy machine! create your own toys: Minecraft Plush

These look super cool I wanna make a djh3max one just sayin’..

cowmetodeath: melon, peach, plum, also congrats about your house stuff working out!!

melon: my first impression of you

hoooooooooo Cow I feel creepy saying this but like I looked up to you SO much and I was like ‘wow she is so cool I will never ever be cool enough to be her friend’, and I’m SO happy that I was wrong and we’re friends !! <3

peach: what I like most about your blog

I loved your art sooo much! You’re super talented and I’m so stocked we did that art collab together!

plum: a song that reminds me of you / your blog

the first thing I can think of off hand is I See Fire - Ed Sheeran (which I absolutely love) because of your icon!!

Edit: Thank you for the well wishes on the apartment!! <333

Anonymous: Wanna make out? Heheheheh

sure why not huehuehuehue

Anonymous: Yooooo, you're an INTP? I'm an ENTP Bro!

BROOOOO!! NTP buddies for life!!

*high fives*

Anonymous: Any Yogscast Smut fic recommendations? Nanocoffee or Xephna please

I uh, 

I don’t read fan fics anymore anon :c I also don’t ship those pairings.

I can always take a puruse through the tags for you if you’d like, though? :)

did israphel always have xephos’ outfit? was that a thing that happened a while ago? maybe i forgot. I just found this and was like WHAAAAAAAT.


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